[SunHELP] Large Cheap Storage for a U5

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Wed Jun 23 01:26:12 CDT 2004


I have a customer who uses the following on a U5 to act as backup

Compaq 875 based SCSI card (you could of course use the X5010A, but more
Acard 7726 LVD/SE to IDE converters
Maxtor 300Gb IDE disk & Hitachi/IBM 180Gb disk

This combination is pretty rock solid, do not use the older Acard cards
as I have seen data corruptions with the 875 based cards.

So three of these onto a single card and use SVM should work fine.

All the best


On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 13:15, Eric Webb wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 June 2004 03:00 am, Patrick de Ruiter wrote:
> > Hi Jim,
> >
> > You need SCSI for that the U5 and U10 support a maximum hard drive size of
> > 137 GB.
> None of the PCI ATA RAID cards out there will work in such a machine?
> Of course, there's always the IDE-to-SCSI converter plates... put multiple IDE 
> drives onto a SCSI bus.  I've heard of people using these converters, but not 
> necessarily in a RAID environment.  No idea if or how well it would work.  
> Never used one myself.
> Eric
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