[SunHELP] mirroring

Connolly, Michael Michael.Connolly at itt.com
Tue Jun 15 16:07:29 CDT 2004

Using Disksuite I am going to create a 3-way mirror. Usually, I make up
stripes off of different disks but each stripe (submirror) is on the same
controller (my logic being if the controller fails the other controllers
"cover" - as you might guess, I more interested in redundency that i/o
performance). Well due to the fact that I'm running out of slices does anyone
see a problem with the config below? My feeling is that if either c3 or c4
fails submirror1 and submirror2 will cover; if c0 goes sub2 and sub3 cover,
etc. so it is no big deal.

submirror 1 same controller for both drives

submirror 2 same controller for both drives

submirror 3 different controller for each drive

Also, what is the proper flag for the backup slice (usually s2) - I seem to
have a mix of wm and wu - not sure why. Does it matter (I know what the flags


Michael J. Connolly

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