[SunHELP] Bringing up a new Ultra 2...

Espen Randen sunhelp at lpl.nu
Sat Jun 12 17:43:36 CDT 2004

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 05:31:16PM -0400, Eric Webb wrote:
> I'm bringing up a new (to me) Ultra 2 and need some help getting started.
> 1) Looking for a comparison of Solaris 8, 9 and 10, including 
> 	a) more important new features/fixes in each release
> 	b) which versions supported on which platforms (sun4d|m|u)

This page gives a comparison of Solaris 2.6 - 9.

Features for Solaris 10;

> 	c) when did Sun change the "hobbyist license" and effect on SMP boxes

I seem to remember that Solaris 9 changed the hobbyist license to only include
uniprocessor machines. Solaris 8 has no such limitations.
Of course, this is only a license restrictions, you can run Solaris 9 on an U2
with SMP, but doing so will be in violation of the license.

> 2) I need a primer on disk storage management under Solaris.  I'm from the AIX 
> camp, so I'm very familiar with LVM.  I want to run a mirrored disk 
> configuration using the two internal bays on the U2.  I may have to install 
> the box on one drive, and need to add the second drive and mirror the two at 
> a later date.  I hear a lot about the Veritas filesystem stuff and believe it 
> was added into Solaris at some point (when?), but I don't know anything about 
> what it is or its capabilities.

Veritas is still a 3rd party application, but Solaris 9 now includes Solaris Volume
Manager (it is called Disk Suite for Solaris 8 and older). It doesn't have all the
bells and whistles that Veritas has, but it will allow you to set up disks in either
RAID 0,1 and 5.
This page talks about Disk Suite 4.2.1 for Solaris 8, but it also works with Solaris 9;

> 3) Is Boot prom rev 3.1 latest for this machine?

OBP 3.25 is the latest according to:

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