[SunHELP] E250 with X6542A Raid controller questions.

Martin Wedel geeks at xsintrk.net
Thu Jun 10 14:43:39 CDT 2004

Hey guys, just received a X6542 RCP raid card for my E250 from 
anysystems. My happiness turned to sadness quickly.

My questions:

Can the X6542 be used with the internal disks in the E250.

If so, what the heck is the part # or a source for that *&*&$^# 80-pin 
'inverted' SCA to 68Pin connector so that I can acutally tie this card 
to the internal SCA rack.

If I manage this, DOes Solaris support OS boot on this baby?

Did I not get the right card for my needs? (Run RAID-5 on the 6 internal 
SCA drives).

My apologies if I missed some common knowledge on this combination. I'm 
pretty frustrated with the time it's taken to get all the parts together 
for this box, and now it looks like this project is going to be set back 
yet another few weeks. Save me from having to use a DL380/linux combo 

Thanks for your time.


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