[SunHELP] Disk Drives for Ultra 10

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I am running Solaris 2.6 not by choice, vendor requirement.  Solaris 9
installs no problem.  I can get 2.6 to install and see a 20gb drive, but when
it reboots it gets a corrupt label.  It does the same thing if I use the 120gb
drive, although it only sees 17gb of the 120gb drive.  I am interested in how
you can specify it manually?  I have not done that before or would know where
to do that at.

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" >      Having some problems with a ultra 10.  I have a bad drive, it is a
" > Seagate ata II drive.  The part number matches a ata/66.  I am trying to
" > in a new drive, ata/100 120gb but it is only coming up as seeing 8gb of
" > drive.  I have tried a different drive and it did the same thing.  Has
" > run into a problem like this?  Are the sun drives different than any
" > drive?
" >
" > Thanks for your help,
" >
" > Tom Stewart
" Sounds like you may be running Solaris 2.6 which has the 8GB limitation.

its autodetect does, but you can specify up to 64h/255s/16383c

enter the geometry by hand.  fudge it if/when necessary.  ide drives
don't really have 16h/64s anyway.
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