[SunHELP] Lower cost SCSI card

Javier O. Augusto javier.augusto at gmx.net
Tue Jun 8 10:25:33 CDT 2004

Hi gurus!

As I want to get rid of the two IDE hardrives I'm actually using, I was
looking at sunsolve for a cheap SCSI card supported by my Blade 100
Workstation running Solaris 9 (12/03) _all_patch_applied_.
All I got to see was those Symbios cards , i.e. Sym875 and stuff..
The sym22801 seems a good choice, but dont know if those adaptecs
ultrascsi are supported =/
Could anyone enlighten me to a lower cost SCSI card already tested and
supported on this units? Is it worth?
I would be very grateful  to hear your opinions.

Thanks in advance


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