[SunHELP] "Overlapping swap files are not allowed" -- what gives?

Nigel Callahan n.callahan at tid.co.jp
Tue Jun 8 02:56:27 CDT 2004

In japan with is declining birthrate there will be a need for people from
other countries to carry out many roles so I do not think Japan will want to
say you can't come here anymore as it may backfire on them in years to come.
Also, I have read that there is a shortage of IT professionals in Japan
anyway so that is why the Japanese government made it easy for Indians to
get a work visa. From the government point of view, maybe they think it is
great. There are heaps of IT people from teh US coming to Japan to teach
English of late due to widespread restructing over there.Teh problem is
probably more so in the US as the language is not so much of a barrier. In
Japan, they haven't really penetrated big time, but I guess it will just be
a matter of time as "how much a company can save" will certainly dictate
things, especially in these times.
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> Hi,
> Compare to mine the last line in vfstab has a no option for mounting at
> your :
> swap - /tmp tmpfs - no -
> One of mines
> swap    - /tmp tmpfs - yes -
> Do you no why ?
> Rene
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