[SunHELP] SNMP traps?

Simon Marko smarko at ims.telstra.com.au
Fri Jun 4 21:53:55 CDT 2004

If you're looking for free tools, look no further than the Net-SNMP 
project ( net-snmp.sourceforge.net )
But I think what you are really after is a trap receiver (trapd). This 
basically listens to UDP/162 for SNMP traps and then does something with 
them. Most Network management applications (eg. HP Openview NNM, Concord 
TrapEXPLODER, Micromuse Netcool, etc.) have an integrated trap receiver, 
for a price.
Also check out snmp.com - there may be some low/no-cost solutions for 
you there.
It's possible that Sun Management Centre software has a trap receiver as 
well, but I haven't looked closely at that app.
Simon Marko

Francois Dion wrote:

> The two tools we use quite a bit here:
> ->MRTG + RRDTOOLS + different cgis like
> ->Nagios
> You will find several cgis for MRTG+RRDTOOLS and that might work for 
> you. Nagios will definitely be up to the task.
> Francois
> ert weerr wrote:
>> Guruz,
>> I'm playing with RAID Manager and I'd like
>> to see all of the events sent by the RAID
>> Manager by SNMP traps.
>> Could you please advice any free solutions
>> to collect these traps and create a report
>> from them?
>> I thought that MRTG could help but AFAIK
>> it hasn't been developed for this purpose.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> John
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