[SunHELP] Disks for Ultra5?

Gereon 'Jerry' Stein gereon at sonnenblen.de
Tue Jun 1 04:06:40 CDT 2004

David Strom wrote:
> It's only got a 4GB drive, & I see some 40GB WD & 80GB Seagates for not
> too much $ after rebates in the local ads.  What's the
> restriction/limit/etc. on IDE drives?  Will any larger PATA (parallel
> ATA) drive work?  Both the WD & Seagates are 7200
> rpm, fwiw.

if OBP is up-to-date as you say, the machine should run just fine off of 
80GB drives (I'm running 80GB drives in an Ultra10 which is basically 
the same hardware). I understand that the physical limit is somewhere in 
the 150GB range (forgot the actual number) so a max. drive size of 120GB 
should render you no unallocated disk space.

Sure makes a nice file server for the home ;)



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