[SunHELP] SS10 - need help with SCSI

Valery Yankin reconnect at yandex.ru
Sat Jul 31 01:59:22 CDT 2004


I have already posted to this list about my poor SparcStation 10 which 
was damaged while being delivered to me. As I found out, it hardly 
suffered from the fall, at least I could connect a terminal to it and 
could see the PROM prompt and mainboard test was OK.

However I am almost sure that the hard drive is dead and I am inclined 
to think I am going to replace it. So, what I wanted to ask is, what 
hard drive do I have to buy for my SS10? I cannot define what SCSI 
version it is, and you guys are my only hope. I would be very grateful 
for your

Kindest regards,
Valery Yankin.

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