[SunHELP] Re: SunHELP Digest, Vol 19, Issue 7

Ron Wickersham rjw at alembic.com
Thu Jul 29 13:35:18 CDT 2004

> Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 16:00:22 -0400
> From: Bret Adams <bret at fabrikant.com>
> Subject: [SunHELP] off topic help
> After the telnet to port 2000, the script will not process my commands to
> login.  Besides shooting the terminal server which is my idea does anyone
> know how to package the login sequence commands for a unix shell script
> that it can pass the correct answers into the login sequence.

the suggestion others have made for expect is good, but if you're
more comfortable with perl, look at the Net::Telnet module which will
also do what you want.  i use the Telnet module all the time and it's
great.  besides the perl documentation which is very good for this module,
i just googled and found this brief article:


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