[SunHELP] Sparc 10 disk mounts

Fred Dikeman fred at workstation.net
Wed Jul 7 09:15:11 CDT 2004

Hi David,
Where do you want me to send the grommets?
Btw:  you can also use small rubber grommets/gaskets from the plumbing
dept at Home Depot.

Fred Dikeman
Data Instruments, Inc

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Guess this request would be to fellow "old-timers" (;-) :

Does anyone have any of the Sparc 10 internal disk mounting grommets 
that they could spare?  They look like plastic/rubber buttons with a 
machine screw through the middle, just a bit wider than a pencil eraser.

I'm donating a Sparc 10 to someone who's just learning Solaris & Linux, 
so as to encourage him to move away from the "dark side".  And, I'm 
short 3 of these grommets.  (I have no idea why I have just one).  I 
have lots of *old* Sun stuff, perhaps I could trade something?

Or, if anyone knows a good workaround/substitue, that would be helpful. 
  I suppose wrapping a screw with electrical tape might work....

David Strom
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