[SunHELP] solaris 8 authentication to openldap server : GUI problem

Lara Adianto m1r4cle_26 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 5 00:17:27 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm using pam_ldap to help authenticating solaris 8
users to openldap server (installed in linux)

Telnet, su, login, etc works. I can see the server
receiving the requests from solaris 8, the bind, etc.
However, it doesn't work when i logged of and tried to
login from GUI.

I can see the server accepting the connection from the
solaris client, but no BIND ! :
conn=5 fd=9 ACCEPT from IP=

No more communication between the server and the
client. It stops there..

What can go wrong ? Is there any setting that I need
to set in the solaris ? I'm not using TLS/SSL to
secure the communication between the server and the
client yet

I can't find anything wrong in /var/adm/messages


my ldap.conf:
host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
base dc=adianto,dc=com
binddn cn=Manager,dc=adianto,dc=com
bindpw secret
port 389
scope sub

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