[SunHELP] /etc/shadow encrypted passwd field

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Thu Jul 1 07:14:13 CDT 2004

On Jul 1, 2004, at 3:50 AM, Yazid wrote:

> Hello listers,
> I need some info on the meaning and the difference between  *LK*
> (locked) and NP (no passwd???) on /etc/shadow encrypted passwd field.
> Seems that login to account with either one is not possible cause we
> didn't know the real (unencrypted) passwd.

Isn't it obvious, the differences in meaning between LOCKED and NO 

Don't they teach that a * is an invalid character in a crypted password 
string anymore?

If either *LK* or NP exist in the password field of /etc/shadow, then a 
password does not exist for that account and must be set with the 
passwd command.

This is UNIX 101.


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