[SunHELP] Solaris 2.5.1 NDD Settings

Vermette, Matt Spawar (723) matt.vermette at navy.mil
Tue Dec 21 11:04:31 CST 2004

I have a Solaris 2.5.1 system that I am trying to tune utilizing ndd settings.  The particular box in question does not have in the tcp_conn_req_max_q0 nor does it have tcp_conn_req_max_q options for tuning.
The only option is tcp_conn_req_max which by default is set to 32.
I have researched sunsolve.com for patches.  They reference 103582.  I have 103582-14, 20, and 24 loaded.  
I would like to add the option to my ndd settings for the tcp kernel driver for tcp_conn_req_max_q and tcp_conn_req_max_q0.

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