[SunHELP] Building a mouse pad for SUN mouse

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Dec 17 09:24:12 CST 2004

 Daniel Tahin writes ...

> Hopefully you can help me by this problem. I would like to
> use a SUN Type 4/5 mouse but i don't have the appropriate
> pad. Can you tell me some information about this pad
> (distance of the grids, color of the vertical/horizontal
> lines, material of the pad).

I was about to suggest calling RePC in Tukwila, Washington or Wierdstuff
Warehousse in Sunnyvale (or environs) California, both of whom usually have
dozens of the things.  Then I checked the message headers and saw you're in
.at, so that's probably not a very good suggestion.

You might Google "sun mousepad postscript" and see what you get.  I just did
that, but most of the refs are for Sun 3 pads, and don't think a Sun 3 pad
will work with a Sun 4 mouse.

Good luck.


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