[SunHELP] Building a mouse pad for SUN mouse

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Dec 17 09:09:45 CST 2004

" From: Daniel Tahin <daniel84 at a1.net>
" Hopefully you can help me by this problem. I would like to use a SUN Type 4/5 mouse but i don't have the appropriate pad. Can you tell me some information about this pad (distance of the grids, color of the vertical/horizontal lines, material of the pad). 

long ago, someone had a gif or jpg of a pad pattern up on the net.
print it up, laminate it with plastic, and you were good to go...  [or
was that 'print it on transparency stock, flip it over, and lay it on
aluminum foil'?]

dunno if it's still around.  perhaps a web search will turn it up.
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