[SunHELP] Building a mouse pad for SUN mouse

Michael Horton Michael.Horton at acntv.com
Fri Dec 17 08:19:36 CST 2004

on either the sunhelp or sunmanagers mailing, this was discussed (years
ago) and there is a website with the two grid/dot designs.  (one is a
square and the other is a rectangle if i recall correctly.)

surely, the archives still have this.

you might try posting to the geeks mailing list (the sign-up is on the
sunhelp.org site) for help in either finding the diagram or someone with
an old pad.

james wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 05:50, Daniel Tahin wrote:
>>Hopefully you can help me by this problem. I would like to use a SUN Type
4/5 mouse but i don't have the appropriate pad. Can you tell me some
information about this pad (distance of the grids, color of the
vertical/horizontal lines, material of the pad).
>>Great thanx for your hint!
> The dots (not a grid) are incredibly close together, it would take
> forever to make one by hand. It's much easier to find a pad. You might
> find it works with a short-nap velour cloth. Or you could try creating a
> dot field and laserprinting it.
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