[SunHELP] problem accessing www

simon guad s.guad at zen.co.uk
Thu Dec 16 09:38:29 CST 2004

I am new to Solaris and I am having some problems connecting to the www.
I have followed the steps indicated in the newsgroup
the nodename file shows the station name "sunsol"
in the netmask I see the string    255.255.555.0
in the hosts file  I have the following
127.0.0.x localhost
192.168.0.x sunserv.local.domain sunserv
192.168.0.x router (on which the DHCP is enabled)
192.168.0.x winxp
192.168.0.x  ipcamera 
(all periferals on my network are pingable and accessible, apart from
the ipcamera but this is a different story "I think!!!!!")
in the hostname file I have one line "sunsol"
in resolv.conf I have placed the following
192.168.0.x (my DNS) (2nd DNS)
domain local.domain
defaultrouter router is blank ( I have attempted placing the routers ip
address but same problem persists no connection to the www)
Am I missing something? all documentation I found indicates that these
are the files I need to work on, can you please let me know if I am
doing something wrong?

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