[SunHELP] problems compiling gcc on solaris8

Marvin Cummings marvincummings at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 10 10:58:25 CST 2004

I'm using sparc and I chose this at the freeware site. I'm still not sure of
the differences between using pkgadd or building from source but I'll give
it a shot. 
mv gcc-3.4.2 /var/spool/pkg
Error: no packages were found in </var/spool/pkg>


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uhm......... sounds that you got the sources... Do you know how to use 
pkg tool??? First, which architecture are you using? Sparc or X86? at 
sunfreeware you gotta choose the right platform/version, download and 
install the package using pkgadd
Not the sources...

is that right?

Marvin Cummings wrote:

>I'm having problems with my command. I've got gcc in the following
>Yet I get invalid configuration errors when I try either: 
>./configure CC=/opt/source/objgcc
>./configure CC=/bin/gcc
>What am I doing wrong? 
>Thanks for the link to blastwave. It appears as though the gcc3 file is the
>same as the one I downloaded from sunfreeware. Which file should I be
>looking for? 
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>Hi marving
>unset CC
>./configure CC=/opt/csw/gcc/bin/gcc or
>./configure CC=/usr/sfw/bin/gcc
>should do the trick
>On Fri, 2004-12-10 at 11:07 -0500, Marvin Cummings wrote:
>>I get the following error when trying to compile gcc.3.4.2 on a
>>solaris 8 system:
>>*** The command 'cc -o conftest -g conftest.c' failed.
>>*** You must set the environment CC to a working compiler.
>>This occurs after running ./configure from the gcc.3.4.2 directory. I
>>chmod -ug +x gcc.3.4.2 didn't seem to work either. Am I missing
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