[SunHELP] problems compiling gcc on solaris8

Fernando Machado Jr. fmachadoj at inf.ufrgs.br
Fri Dec 10 10:21:27 CST 2004

yes, the ./configure script cant find a valid gcc compiler. check if you 
have any gcc and be sure that the cc command is in your PATH.

by the way, you can get the compiled gcc package at www.sunfreeware.com


Marvin Cummings wrote:

>I get the following error when trying to compile gcc.3.4.2 on a
>solaris 8 system:
>*** The command 'cc -o conftest -g conftest.c' failed.
>*** You must set the environment CC to a working compiler. 
>This occurs after running ./configure from the gcc.3.4.2 directory. I
>chmod -ug +x gcc.3.4.2 didn't seem to work either. Am I missing
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