[SunHELP] moving a disk

Grindell, Joan M. GrindellJ at SEC.GOV
Mon Aug 30 08:20:42 CDT 2004

This disk is on a 4500.  We installed the disk with the system up on Friday
with the system up and running.

How would i know if the 4500 has hot-pluggable disk bays.

to get rid of the old /dev (the position from which it is being moved) the
only option would be a "boot -r"?


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The only concern I would have is this:
    a)  The system does not have hot-pluggable disk bays.  If this is the
case, you could damage a drive by removing and inserting while the system is
I would schedule downtime for the server so that you can perform this task
ensuring zero damage.
Devfsadm is a good tool to complete tasks while the system is running,
Solaris 9 and above has a daemon running constantly so you should not have
to run devfsadm manually.  So the hard drive links will be created
The only downfall is that you will have an entry in the /dev/dsk that will
be incorrect due to the relocation.

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	Would i run into a problem if i moved a disk from one slot to
another (then
	ran devfsadm).  There are no mounts on the disks.
	    I installed teh disk on Friday, but i realize now that i want
the disk
	on the other controller.
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