[SunHELP] Solaris package removal question

Eric LeBlanc inouk at igt.net
Wed Aug 25 13:54:52 CDT 2004

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004, velociraptor wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 08:19:19 +0200, Patrick de Ruiter
> <patrickr at nedstat.nl> wrote:
> > Hi Nadine,
> >
> > Is it Solaris perl which is installed by default or a custom package from
> > sunfreeware?
> > In the first occasion it's advisable to leave it on your system, this
> > because it might break any apps that depend on the library's.
> > You can rename it to /usr/bin/old.perl or something like that.
> > If it's the second you should just upgrade the old version with a new one
> > and fix any problems that might occur
> It's not the Sun default perl.  I know enough to leave that
> alone. ;-)
> The problem is, the secondary perl (5.8.0)that I want to archive
> and then remove is not a sunfreeware package.  It's a custom
> perl build by the previous admin and there is hide-nor-hair of
> that package on any of the machines that would be used to
> build it in my environment.  So, I can only presume it was build
> by him on his own Sun box at home or something.  I don't want
> to "upgrade" over it with the sunfreeware perl 5.8.5, as that will
> just result in kruftiness.

Well, do ls -l /path/to/perl and take the creation time of this program,
and do a find, something like:

find / -time time_date_of_your_perl_program > /tmp/allfilesfromperl

check in "man find", I can't recall what is the exact parameter (I think
-ctime )

Eric LeBlanc
inouk at igt.net
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