[SunHELP] Solaris package removal question

Patrick de Ruiter patrickr at nedstat.nl
Wed Aug 25 01:19:19 CDT 2004

Hi Nadine,

Is it Solaris perl which is installed by default or a custom package from
In the first occasion it's advisable to leave it on your system, this
because it might break any apps that depend on the library's.
You can rename it to /usr/bin/old.perl or something like that.
If it's the second you should just upgrade the old version with a new one
and fix any problems that might occur

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Is there a way to archive a Solaris package
before using pkgrm?  I need to upgrade Perl
which is installed on a box I am working on,
but I don't have the original package, and am
concerned about breaking things.

Restoring from tape is possible but kind of a
hassle, so I'd rather archive the existing package
before I remove it and then install the new one.

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