[SunHELP] SSH Server Operations

Matthew Hattersley MatthewHattersley at businessserve.co.uk
Thu Aug 19 22:39:35 CDT 2004

If I were you I'd snoop (IE: snoop -d hme0) on a machine on the same LAN and
see if there are any SSH packets flying around (They are EASY to spot), if
not they worry not as dirty sessions will clear up in 25mins by default due
to the TIME_WAIT state of the port. Another tip would be to check from the
machine you ssh from for connections to the box (netstat -an). You know it
makes sense. Make sure you kill any associated processes to the ssh
connection to make sure these processes aint keeping yer session dirty. No
point in washing your pants in a muddy river :)

If none of that works, you got someone else connecting, however you should
spot this using snoop as without extra command line switches snoop will drop
your ethernet interface into PROS*spelling failing me) s/PROS*/whore mode.

Good luck 


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Good morning,
I have secured my Solars 9 12/03 database server well and have disallowed
console entries by removing the "co" entry in the /etc/inittab.
I have also secured my SSH Server daemon by allowing MaxConnections 2.
The delima I have is this:
I attempt to login to the db server utilizing ssh and I get an error telling
me "Too many connections".  Apparently, I have two dirty logouts on the
system that is disallowing me to connect.
I could do a "ctrl break" at the console to access the "ok" prompt but I
would like to reserve that option for a rainy day.  
Any suggestions would be helpful.
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