[SunHELP] Solaris Volume Manager Operations

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Thu Aug 19 08:45:49 CDT 2004

On Aug 19, 2004, at 9:32 AM, Vermette, Matt Spawar (723) wrote:

> I would like to conduct failover tests on a Solaris 9 12/03 loaded on 
> a SF V880 with all 12 disks enabled.  Target 0-5 are stripped/mirrored 
> to Target 6-11 utilizing Sun's FCAL multipathing PCI card.  Anyone 
> have test procedures that have been tested and verified.

Testing your mirror is pretty simple. Basically, it involves putting IO 
load on the mirror and then just pulling drives out by hand. That's 
right. Go right up to the box and yank a live drive, and note what 
happens. You mirror should still be up and running, an you will get a 
alert message.

Don't worry, you won't hurt the drives.

Also make sure that you do receive the alerts. RAID does you no good if 
you don't know something is wrong with it.


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