[SunHELP] SSH Server Operations

Vermette, Matt Spawar (723) matt.vermette at navy.mil
Thu Aug 19 08:28:35 CDT 2004

Good morning,
I have secured my Solars 9 12/03 database server well and have disallowed console entries by removing the "co" entry in the /etc/inittab.
I have also secured my SSH Server daemon by allowing MaxConnections 2.
The delima I have is this:
I attempt to login to the db server utilizing ssh and I get an error telling me "Too many connections".  Apparently, I have two dirty logouts on the system that is disallowing me to connect.
I could do a "ctrl break" at the console to access the "ok" prompt but I would like to reserve that option for a rainy day.  
Any suggestions would be helpful.

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