[SunHELP] Can Only Print from Some CDE Applications

Barry Skidmore skidmore at worldvenue.org
Thu Aug 19 01:59:13 CDT 2004

I am using Solaris 9 (sparc) and have an HP LaserJet 2100
TN that I print to over a home network.

I can print to it from the console using lpr with no problem.

However, in CDE I can print from only some applications:

Image Viewer

Address Manger
Help Viewer
Man Page Viewer
Text Editor

In all cases (even when nothing prints out), after selecting the
'Print...' option from the 'File' menu, 'laserjet' is shown as the
destination printer, and when I click 'OK' in all cases a dialog box
up with: 'request id is laserjet-(some number here) (standard input)'

The same files that do not print from the 'Text Editor' application can
printed from the console using lpr.

Here is how I configured the printer:
# lpadmin -p laserjet -v /dev/null -m netstandard -o dest=laserjet:text
-o protocol=bsd -o banner=never -o timeout=60
Print services started.
# enable laserjet
printer "laserjet" now enabled
# accept laserjet  
destination "laserjet" now accepting requests
# lpadmin -p laserjet -I any

In my environment LPDEST=laserjet

In 'Print Manager', 'laserjet' is visible and set as the default

The only odd thing I see is 2 entries for 'laserjet' when I do a 
'lpstat -a':

# lpstat -a
laserjet accepting requests since Wed Aug 18 23:27:05 EST 2004
laserjet accepting requests since Wed Aug 18 23:27:05 EST 2004

There are no errors in .dt/errorlog

Any ideas?  I am sure I am missing something obvious.


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