[SunHELP] Solaris 8: Unable to login

Charu Kamath charu.bhargava at estelcom.com
Wed Aug 11 00:07:02 CDT 2004

what's that suppose to be for Nitin?

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On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 09:46:41AM +0530, Charu Kamath wrote:
> Hey Saily,
> Thanks a ton. I disabled SMC server.
> By the way could this be a problem for my sendmail service not being 
> able to start. I got the error - #/usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q1m
> sendmail:SYSERR(root): sasl_server_init failed! [generic failure]
> And now it has started. Thanks to you.
> Can I join any mailing list or site to get the info on latest 
> patches/vulnerabilities pertaining to Solaris 7 & 8.

The latest patch clusters are always available from sun.com.

In the meantime, starting sendmail is the least of your worries.  Your
machine was *rooted*.  Turning off SMC Server will not undo that.  Your
safest course of action is to reinstall the machine cleanly.  Keep in mind
that your /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files were probably stolen by whoever
rooted your machine, and that person may well be running a password cracker
against them at this moment.

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