[SunHELP] Re: SS10 - need help with SCSI

David Strom dstrom at ciesin.columbia.edu
Wed Aug 4 11:25:53 CDT 2004

Sounds like things are under control, but thought you or other SS10 
owners might be interested in this.

These people have a few 2GB narrow SCSI disks, *unused*:

and, they quoted me a pretty good price, though I haven't yet gotten 
around to buying any (yet), since I have several drives that seem to 
work OK.

Also, you *can* install Solaris 9 on the SS10, as the Sun4m systems are 
supported in Solv9.  Installed fine on my SS10.  Wouldn't bet a whole 
lot on Solaris 10 support, though. What's nice in Solaris 9 is the 
inclusion of Openssh as standard, supported Solaris components (e.g., 
SUNWssh packages).  Since we finally abolished Telnet, we're using Solv9 
on SS5s & SS20s as terminals to access our Sun servers.

Oh, and someone said that they had a problem with a TFT monitor, iirc. 
We've noticed some problems with 19" TFTs and the TGX card, sometimes 
the monitor doesn't think there's any signal, but causing some activity 
usually wakes things up & we can use the TFT's analog input.

Note, I'm not affiliated with the company I referenced.

David Strom

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