[SunHELP] configuring chroot on solaris

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue Aug 3 16:17:32 CDT 2004

" From: Gary.Siao at bmo.com
" can anyone help me on how to configure chroot on solaris ??? .. any help
" would be greatly appreciated....

you mean chrooted login?  from login(1):

     If  the  login-shell  field  in  the  password   file   (see
     passwd(4))  is  empty, then the default command interpreter,
     /usr/bin/sh, is used.  If this field is *  (asterisk),  then
     the  named  directory  becomes  the root directory.  At that
     point, login is re-executed at the  new  level,  which  must
     have its own root structure.

i assume the 'named dir' is otherwise the homedir.  you need some
minimal set of libs and such in the chrooted home.  don't the faqs
at sunhelp.org help?
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