[SunHELP] SS10 - need help with SCSI

Valery Yankin vyankin at front.ru
Tue Aug 3 01:46:19 CDT 2004

>> I have OpenBSD on my mind, if I get it installed and running, the 4.3 Gb 
>> HDD will be quite sufficient for a small home web server. If it fails, I 
>> have Solaris 2.6 as an option. I also have Solaris 8 but I doubt it that 
>> it would run smoothly on this SS10.
> Be aware that I have experienced problems with hme interfaces under
> OpenBSD.  le interfaces work just fine, but the hme driver just don't
> seem happy at all.  My experience is a hme will work under OpenBSD if
> you force 10Mbit, but at 100Mbit you'll see a third of the throughput
> you were getting at 10Mbit.

Thanks for the information, Phil. I think I will limit myself to the 
onboard le interface. By the way, what version of OpenBSD did you use?

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