[SunHELP] SS10 - need help with SCSI

Valery Yankin reconnect at yandex.ru
Mon Aug 2 09:40:59 CDT 2004

>It appears that you should be fine (speaking in terms of the SCSI 
Okay, thanks, I will consider buying this HDD. It's the only thing I 
could find around anyway. The PDF doc will be VERY valuable.

>As to the disk capacity, If you plan to use Solaris 8 or greater, I 
>would definetely consider 9 gig drive.
I have OpenBSD on my mind, if I get it installed and running, the 4.3 Gb 
HDD will be quite sufficient for a small home web server. If it fails, I 
have Solaris 2.6 as an option. I also have Solaris 8 but I doubt it that 
it would run smoothly on this SS10.

>Also check out:
>regarding your display issues.  It's possible that PROM settings 
>(NVRAM) may need to be changed.  

Thanks a lot for the link. Actually I tried setting up 
output-device=screen (I did it from a tty console), then I brought a 
monitor, switched the station off and turned it back on but it didn't 
work unfortunately. The monitor's LED was always yellow. I guess it's 
the monitor which is incompatible (Hyundai 17" TFT). But it's okay for 
me to use the console now that I know the machine actually works (first 
I thought it was dead). The null-modem cable is on its way.

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