[SunHELP] SS10 - need help with SCSI

V. Yankin reconnect at yandex.ru
Sun Aug 1 12:51:12 CDT 2004

>>However I am almost sure that the hard drive is dead and I am inclined to 
>What happens if you do probe-scsi at the OK prompt?
Haven't tried it yet. I need a null-modem cable to see what is happening on the console. The video card seems OK but I cannot get video output on a VGA monitor (even with output-device=screen). Anyway, for now I could only get a female-female DB25-DB9 null-modem cable. And, since this SS10 has also a female COM port, I need to order a male-male converter. Well, this is troublesome but I think I will get it working.

>  Is the HD spinning up?

I will check it as soon as I get the SS10's console shown on my PC.

>  the HD is a 50-pin scsi drive, any 50 pin, preferably low profile (1 
>inch) 7200 rpm or 5400 rpm drive will work in it. 

Thanks! The HDD that was shipped with this SS10 is high (3.5 cm), and I was just interested if I buy a rather old 50-pin SCSI HDD (4 Gb), will it be backwards-compatible with SS10?

Sorry to sound very lame, but this SS10 is the first Sun machine of my own, and it came with no documentation.

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