[SunHELP] boot: cannot open kernel/sparcv9/unix???? v240

ert weerr sun1sol at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 02:54:40 CDT 2004

Hi guruz!

I have to install Solaris 8 on a brand new
SunFire V240 but it doesn't want to boot
from the cdrom.
It always sends this error message:

Rebooting with command: boot cdrom
Boot device: /pci at 1e,600000/ide at d/cdrom at 0,0:f  File
and args:
boot: cannot open kernel/sparcv9/unix
Enter filename [kernel/sparcv9/unix]:

On the system there is already a preinstalled
Solaris 8 and the weirdest thing is that I can
mount the CD under that and see the file system...
So, it seems to me that the problem is not the
CD drive.

I'm afraid we can't use the preinstalled system
that's why I want to reinstall the OS.

What could be the problem with the V240?

Thanks in advance!



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