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TomST at netins.com TomST at netins.com
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The best that you can do is put a network sniffer on the lan and watch the
packets go out and not get a response.  We currently use a OptiView from
Fluke.  I have also heard good things about http://www.ethereal.com/ and I
think it is free.  If you can't afford a real sniffer then what you could do
is write something in perl (Net::SNMP) to poll a few of the devices.  You can
put that in debug and capture everything to a file.  You should see the
request go out and nothing come back.  You should also check your wait time
for a snmp poll.  If you are looking to prove that there is congestion on the
network you should try and run MRTG
http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/.  That will tell you about
the available bandwidth and cpu issues that you may or may not have.  Hopes
this helps.


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Thanks for the info.  I have most of those tools on my machine currently.
The issue I am having is we have a list of snmp devices that we monitor from
our NMS.  Sometimes a few of the devices on the list fail to respond.  When
we manually check the snmp status everything looks ok.  There does not
appear to be much rhyme or reason for the failures and the devices report
when polled manually.  I believe that the cause is network congestion, in
some cases on our end in some cases on the far end...I am just looking for
the means to prove it.

Thanks again for the help,


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On Apr 27, 2004, at 2:26 PM, Miley, Shain wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking for some good tools for Solaris 8 (sparc) that can be
> used to
> debug, sniff, monitor, etc snmp traffic.  Does anyone have any
> recommendations as to what tools I should use?  I gui solution is not
> required, however I am setting this up for others who would prefer a
> gui
> interface to work with.

Check out the NET-SNMP suite:


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