[SunHELP] ufsdump backup howto?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sun Apr 25 11:34:07 CDT 2004

" From: ert weerr <sun1sol at yahoo.com>
" I have to backup two systems by ufsdump, but I don't
" know exactly how I can do that.
" In the documentation I've read that I should reboot
" the system in single user mode before I start the
" backup process.
" But will I be able to backup the RAID 5 filesystems 
" created by Solstice DiskSuite and Veritas?
" Because in single user mode the system doesn't mount
" the file systems.

they don't have to be mounted for ufsdump.  i think even if you
specify the mountpoint it'll actually go to the device directly.  you
can also specify the device/slice.

single user mode is just to make sure nothing is writing to the disks
while they're being backed.  that's also true if the fs is unmounted,
and generally true if the system is quiet, say at 2 a.m.

you can't unmount system fs from a running system [duh!], but they
don't usually change by themselves; manual backups whenever you
install a patch or change a system file...  you can unmount user fs in
your cron backup script, then remount them.
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