[SunHELP] ufsdump backup howto?

ert weerr sun1sol at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 18 19:51:59 CDT 2004


I have to backup two systems by ufsdump, but I don't
know exactly how I can do that.
In the documentation I've read that I should reboot
the system in single user mode before I start the
backup process.
But will I be able to backup the RAID 5 filesystems 
created by Solstice DiskSuite and Veritas?
Because in single user mode the system doesn't mount
the file systems.

And how can I backup the system by running the script
from crontab?
Should I reboot the system into single user mode from
the script first and than reboot again after the
backup in the middle of the night?

But than how can I run the backup part of the script
I reboot the system?

Thanks in advance!



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