[SunHELP] Interrupt Blank Screen

Dan Williams dan_williams at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 12 10:15:06 CDT 2004

ymui at royalsunalliance.ca wrote:

>Hello System Administrators,
>After changing the password of a system administrator id due to password 
>expiry, the Solaris SPARC screen of the system drops to a blank screen. 
>Apparently there is a patch for this bug.
>The system has been hardened with KEYBOARD_ ABORT= disable, so cannot use 
>CTRL-A.  Cannot remotely signon to root, as root password also expires.
>Is there a way to invoke the DCE banner or command line screen for root 
>signon to change password ?
>Much appreciated your idea !
>Y. Mui.
I thought this one had been sorted but, either click on options on the 
cde screen and click command line login, If that doesn't work you'll 
have to use a serial cable on it. I'm not familiar with this bug though 
so there could be another way.


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