[SunHELP] Ultra 2

Gereon 'Jerry' Stein gereon at sonnenblen.de
Sun Apr 4 14:07:58 CDT 2004

This looks a lot like a bad memory module. I had the same effect when 
using memory modules of a somewhat too conservative timing in an Ultra60.

If you can successfully boot up an older version of Solaris (and that 
boots fine), you may want to upgrade your flash prom. If that freezes 
all the same, swap out memory modules bank by bank to isolate the 
potentially bad module.

If you had Sol.8 on that box before, forget about the upgrade - your 
flash prom should have a recent enough version.



Dan Williams schrieb:
> I am having problems with an Ultra 2, it crashes when booting solaris 9. 
> It gets past the boot message and then freezes after a few spins. It 
> also does the same thing when booting from a cdrom. I have tried 
> reseating everything. Has anyone seen this before ?

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