[SunHELP] urgent help required !!!! facing tmchild error on login

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Apr 2 11:08:32 CST 2004

> i am not the full time sys admin of that system but i
> am doing it just for the sake of my colluge who wanted
> to go on leave for his brother's marriage ,
>    i know little about solaris , as i am deploying
> applications on the solaris from past 5-6 years now
> specially about the application side i am good at
> linux and AIX
>    please guide me what is the reason for this error
> to come up and how can i resolve this

Like I said in my original post, it sounds like your root or /tmp filesystem
is full. To clear it out you will need to boot in single user mode (possibly
off the CD-ROM) and delete stuff. Anything in /tmp in singleuser mode should
be deleted. Stuff in the root filesystem needs much more care. Since you
just installed new software I would suspect the root filesystem.

It would take too long to type it all out, but what you want to do is
cleanly halt the system using stop-a and a sync. Then try to boot single
user mode (see documentation at http://docs.sun.com) and do a df to see what
your filesystems look like. If you cannot get singleuser mode from a disk
boot you will need to boot off the CD with a Solaris CD installed (again,
see http://docs.sun.com).

If you cannot do a stop-a you will need to do a dirty halt (power down and
pray there is no disk corruption).

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