[SunHELP] urgent help required !!!! facing tmchild error on login

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Apr 2 07:21:04 CST 2004

>    i am newbie to sun and solaris world , we are
> having two Sun V 880 server running Solaris 8 , VxVM
> 3.2 and Sun Cluster server 3.0 has also been installed
> and configured on the server , after all these the
> server was ok and running without any problems and we
> have tested the same after rebooting both the server
> 4-5 times ,
>   But now from Past 2-3 Days , whenever i try to login
> to the server using the login console , it's
> througing following error on one server
> "tmchild : exec service failed, errno=13".
> &  following server on the 2nd server
> "tmchild : exec service failed, errno=5".

Boot singleuser and make sure your filesystems have space available. Esp.
check /tmp, it may be 100% full.

And why did a company hire an inexperienced system admin for such a complex

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