[SunHELP] urgent help required !!!! facing tmchild error on login

Nilesh Naik pressy_sun at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 2 06:43:55 CST 2004

Hi All 

   i am newbie to sun and solaris world , we are
having two Sun V 880 server running Solaris 8 , VxVM
3.2 and Sun Cluster server 3.0 has also been installed
and configured on the server , after all these the
server was ok and running without any problems and we
have tested the same after rebooting both the server
4-5 times , 
  But now from Past 2-3 Days , whenever i try to login
to the server using the login console , it's 
througing following error on one server  

"tmchild : exec service failed, errno=13". 

&  following server on the 2nd server 

"tmchild : exec service failed, errno=5". 

   if i try to telnet  , it gets connected to the
server for a sec and shows sun OS 5.8 and then
immediately throws  the connection closed by the host
message and the connection gets lost. 

   i do now have any clues how suddenly this happened
, the only activities thats been performed on the
server's are installation of the CA's unicenter's 
SNMP agents designed for the Solaris 8. 

   If any of you have any clues or any possible
reasons that can cause such problems then kidnly let
me know ,  please do provide any solution to this
resolve this problem because at the moment both of my
systems are not usable and we are in deep trouble coz
of this.

  any pointers / guidence / help would be highely

warm regards

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