[SunHELP] U60 won't boot 64bit Solaris...

Gereon 'Jerry' Stein gereon at sonnenblen.de
Fri Apr 2 02:02:20 CST 2004

Peter Stokes wrote:

> Hi
> Which CD are you using to install from?
> I know that might sound silly, but have your tried the Software 1/2 CD.
> That should ask if you want 64 bit included in the install.

you are right, I always use the Software 1/2 CD for installation, and of 
course I tick the "install 64bit support" checkbox. Unfortunately this 
didn't make any difference. All the sparcv9-stuff is there - except the 
actual kernel files. Reboot -r gives 32bit system. None of my other 
boxes has this symptom.

I'm trying a different U60 tonight.



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