[SunHELP] SAR: limit the number of days daily sar output is kept

Grindell, Joan M. GrindellJ at SEC.GOV
Thu Apr 1 13:14:03 CST 2004

We are using SAR to collect data about the system.  At midnight the binary
data is copied to
text output and a new sar binary dataset is started (i.e.  sa23 (3/23) is
written to sar23 and a new dataset sa24 (3/24) is started).

We keep these files for about 8 days and rotate them off.

My question is:

	I can't find what process deletes the earlest sa.. and sar.. files.

	We want to extend the collection days to 30 but i don't know how
they are getting

many thanks

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