[SunHELP] Swapping SPARC II 300Mhz for SPARC II 450Mhz on an Ultra60???

N K. Rayasam kishore at gulfauh.co.ae
Sat Dec 20 01:22:15 CST 2003

Christoper Smiga wrote:

> I'm looking to buy a Sun Ultra 60 or Ultra 10 Workstation on eBay and
> was wondering if the processors are upgradable. For instance, I'm
> looking at a 300Mhz Ultra 60 and would like to replace it with 450Mhz
> SPARC II. I went to SunSolve and it looks like an easy task. I was
> wondering if anyone has done this before and what was the experience?
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Dear Smiga.


I was discussing with a friend of mine about the feasability of your
He says it is possible to replace with 450 Mhz Sparc 11

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