[SunHELP] A1000 Storedge

Bret Adams bret at fabrikant.com
Sat Dec 20 01:22:14 CST 2003

Along with the other suggestion, after you are sure the box is seeing the 
A1000 on the scsi bus, do a boot -r which will then rebuild the device 
tables so you can access the drives.   Make sure it is seeing the prtvtoc 
the same.  Then run fsck while the volumes are unmounted to make sure they 
are clean.  Update the /etc/vfstab to mount the volumes and test your read 
and writes to the volumes.  The A1000 is a HVD scsi so make sure you have 
the proper connections on your new server.  And I would put the new scsi id 
lower than 7 if available just to make sure it will rebuild the device 
tables.  I had an experience where my new tape drive was recognized on the 
bus as target f (15) but Solaris 8 could not build the device tables 
because the bus was single ended and could only recognize up to id 7.

Good luck


At 12:41 PM 12/2/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how to move Sun A1000 Storedge with RAID5 configured from
>one system  to another system ? One server is SunFire 280R with Solaris 8 and
>another one is SunFire 420R with Solaris 8. If you know, please let me know
>the steps to do it. Thanks.
>- Trung -
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