[SunHELP] estimate

Raghuraj, Ajay Ajay.Raghuraj at blr.hpsglobal.com
Sat Dec 20 01:22:08 CST 2003


My manager has asked me to do an estimate as to what SUN server I should be
buying to support the following

	Number of databases: 10 (+5 for reserve) 
	Disk space required for databases: 2 GB per DB = 30 GB 
	Disk space for database backups: 500 MB per DB= 8 GB 
	Disk space for Oracle software: 10 GB 
	Number of concurrent Users: 150 
	RAM required: 200 MB per database + 5 MB per user= 4 GB
	I have a SUN E450 with 4GB aRAM and 72Gb HDD and at the moment only
6 databases are running. If i put in more RAM and purchase space, will it be
enough? Please help me


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