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Tue Feb 27 20:27:41 CST 2001

We've got an Ultra 1 running FW-1.  It's been fine with 
approx 4000 machines behind it.

You can use the GUI tools remotely on a Windows 

Using the log viewer is a bit of a pain.  This is where I 
could use a lot more horsepower.  We get in the 
neighborhood of 1.5 million log entries per weekday, less 
on the weekends.

We have a monitor on the machine, but I can't see why you 
can't run w/o it.  Well I guess for the fact that we have 
it setup so you can't even telnet into it.  So we have to 
have our console.

Edward Chase
Providence College
Computer Services Department

> I have an Ultra2 I'm thinking about loading FW1 on.  Does 
anyone have
> experience with this?  How is the performance?  Can FW1 
run on a headless
> box with the GUI being used remotely?
> alan
> _________________
> *Alan Rubin*
> Sun/Unix/Networking/Web Writing
> Email:rubin at ezy.net 

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