[SunHELP] Advanced veritas question

Bob C. Ruddy sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Sun Feb 25 09:07:13 CST 2001

I just was given this server that receives data via a c server process
then stores the data onto the file system which is later batch processed.
The configuration of the server isn't what it is supposed to be
unfortunatly so when it recently broke if left me with an unbootable
system that has data last on a veritas volume. I can rebuild the box, but
I do need this data before I do that. The thing that makes this dificult s
that this veritas volume where the data exists is in rootdg.If it was on
another dg I could just pop the disks into another box and import the disk
group. The system was rebooted for an /etc/system change so I'm told. I
did a boot -av and selected the backup copy of the system file and the oot
still failed. It was failing just after it sets up stdout. My assumption
was that something with the kernel or modules was corrupt so booted off of
cdrom mounted / and restored a previous copy of / from tape. Now the box
will boot off the original slices but not with veritas. So when the box is
booted I can manually start the veritas daemons vxiod, vxconfigd and
initialize them as the manual says with vxdctl. Then I use vxdiskadm to
import the rootdg. It says it can't import rootdg, due to inconsisant
configuration copies.

So does anyone have any ideas how I can save this data which is on a
veritas volume on rootdg? I'll try anything because the disk I am working
on is a copy of the original (dd if=/dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2
of=/dev/rdsk/c0t8d0s2 bs=1024k) so any off the wall ideas will be gladly
tried. Thanks for your help.


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